Advertising and Promotion's "Beautification Committee"

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The BLEDC Beautification Committee consists of a group of volunteers that meet at least 1 time each month to discuss and decide on ideas and projects that will bring beauty and enhancement to Big Lake and the community.  Dedication to promoting Big Lake and everything it has to offer is foremost in this group.   Countless hours are spent by these volunteers to bring out the beauty in both natural and man-made sculptures.  Projects and sites are carefully planned by this group to ensure that the location is well suited to the promotion and growth of Big Lake and its businesses while making sure that money spent is represented in a positive manner.

BLEDC selected as 2021 TML "Spirit of Excellence Award" Winner

On October 6, 2021, City of Big Lake and Big Lake Economic Development Corporation was honored at the 2021 TML (Texas Municipal League) Annual Conference, in Houston, as the "Spirit of Excellence Award" winning city for population under 25,000.  This prestigious award recognizes and encourages the achievements of Texas cities in meeting the challenge of municipal governance.

Big Lake was chosen to receive the award for it's innovative idea of adding seasonal displays that use natural items and large, ornament set-ups that inspire holiday cheer.

Spirit of Excellence

Accepting the award in Houston (L - R) Donna Holden, Patricia Barton, Sheri Benson, Kayla Neatherlin, Jimmy Barton, Melvin Davis, Karen Cammack, Lissa Cammack, Loretta Epperson, Paige Skehan, and Rachel Davis.

10/14/2021 Big Lake Wildcat

"The Winds of Change"

In 2015, BLEDC and local citizens came together to brainstorm ideas to help beautify and bring attention to the business corridor.  Kinetic wind sculptures were decided as a way of adding attention to the beautification sites already in place and a great way of bringing attention to otherwise bare or non-descript businesses and storefronts.  As the initial works of art came into fruition, the projects expanded and continues to grow to a now 30+ sculptures throughout the city, including the hospital and school campuses.  Artist's imagination can be seen along Hwy 67 and many businesses and other locations city wide.  Utilizing a natural resource, the winds continue to add beauty and solace as you gaze upon these masterpieces.

The Big Lake EDC currently displays the work of 3 artists for the kinetic wind sculptures.  These artists are highly revered and extremely talented.  Many of the pieces are custom designed or were originally designed to be used at our project sites.  Each piece of art is hand picked to well represent the site by the Beautification Committee.

Ralph Moresco designs and builds “Copper Wind Spirals”, a form of wind driven kinetic sculptures. The copper spirals are individually handcrafted one at a time in his studio. Using a combination of tools, he first hand cuts the copper blades, then shapes them with a shot bag (a centuries old method), and finishes the shaping process using an English wheel. Ralph also uses lathes, drill presses, welders, and an oxy acetylene torch to assemble the various components that become a wind sculpture. 

Jim LaPaso

Having come from an artistic family, I began sculpting at a very early age. As an adolescent I spent a lot of time in a local quarry digging up clay and making things for friends and family. My father taught me to work with wood, building furniture and carving. In 1972 I enrolled at the Hill Fine Art Center were I studied under the great metal sculptor Orion Hargett.I started out taking lessons and went on to teach photography and wood sculpture there and at Joliet Jr. College and eventually came to own and operate the Hill Fine Art Center until 1982. In those years I made and taught wood sculpture while I studied the masters of kinetic art and in 1998 decided to channel all my energy into embracing that medium. In the beginning I used copper but soon changed to stainless steel. I love the idea of taking this heavy and seemingly unyielding metal and transforming it into a piece that floats like a feather and will last for years and years.I love kinetic sculpture because of all the different mechanisms there are to design with, from Calder’s mobiles to George Rickey’s conical movement and every thing in between. They give me a never ending pallet with which to stretch my imagination.
An original thinker, Lyman has the ability to constantly dream something into reality. Be it a new sculpture, a new process or way of looking at the world, Lyman has put his life together in a wonderful way. His elegant and sophisticated wind sculpture designs are coupled with master craftsmanship. His creativity influences extend not only to his artwork but also to everything from morning teatime, his garden, to explorations as a gentleman farmer. He has a deep affection for architecture, solar, permaculture and reading.
Lyman has a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Utah and has been practicing sculpture for over 50 years and has a broad repertoire of work in many genres. Since the mid 1980’s his primary focus has been on wind sculptures. He was one of the founding members of Artspace in Salt Lake City, UT. Age has no bonds for Lyman as he continues to work at his creative endeavors in all facets of his life, now more than ever.