Jimmy Barton,

   Executive    Director

Jimmy Barton moved to Big Lake in 1974 with his family when his parents started an oilfield transport business.  His paternal grandfather was the United Pentecostal preacher in Big Lake from 1967 until his death in 2003.  Jimmy attended Reagan County ISD and graduated in 1985.  His wife and son both work for RCISD. Patricia is a paraprofessional and his son, Baylee, is a teacher and coach for several sports in the school's junior varsity and varsity  programs.  

Christy Cervantes,

 Administrative Assistant

Christy "Hernandez" Cervantes was born and raised in Big Lake as was most of her extensive family.  She is a graduate of Reagan County ISD and has always called Big Lake "home".  Christy and her husband, Eric, have 3 daughters.  Mireya, graduated from Reagan County ISD and works at a local business and her other daughters, Gabby and Jaelynn, still attend school and are very active in extra-curricular activities and sports.  

Anaeca Oropeza,

 Maintenance Supervisor

Anaeca Oropeza is a lifetime resident of Big Lake.  She has lived in Big Lake since birth and graduated from Reagan County ISD.  Her spouse, Nina, owns and manages a successful t-shirt and graphic design business in Big Lake.  Both Anaeca and Nina are animal lovers and own and pamper several pets at their residence.  Anaeca is very attentive to details and takes great pride in the community she grew up and lives in.  

The Executive Director is the Acting Officer of the BLEDC.  He or she oversees all functions of the corporation.  The Director reports directly to the President and to the Board of Directors.  The duties and responsibilities of the Director include, but are not limited to:  attendance at all board meetings, keep or cause to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings thereof in a book to be provided for that purpose, and engross and enroll all laws, resolutions and ordinances of the BLEDC and City of Big Lake.  The director shall also follow the rules and regulations of the State of Texas Open Meetings Act.  The director shall be the general accountant of the corporation and shall keep or cause to keep regular accounts of receipts and disbursements for the E.D.C.  He or she shall perform all other duties as may be required of him or her by law.  The director will also attend various schools, trainings, and seminars that may be required by the corporation in order to be knowledgeable of all aspects of the corporation.  To assist the Board of Directors of the BLEDC in the implementation of the overall economic development plan, the City of Big Lake's Executive Director of Economic Development shall be responsible to the Board and shall act as the Board's Chief Administrative Officer and shall assist the Board in carrying out the duties of the Board.  

The ultimate responsibility of the Administrative Assistant is to assist in the daily operations of the BLEDC, including missions, programs, compliance, and services.  The assistant is responsible for a variety of tasks to include management of the USDA RLF Grant Program along with writing and managing future grants.  Maintaining marketing, social media and website content and continuing to keep all media updated is also a primary responsibility.  The Administrative Assistant is responsible for research and data collection and presentation of data research and other information to the BLEDC Board of Directors and to other groups as needed or requested.  The assistant performs all office duties, budget tracking, and ensures performance requirements and grant/loan compliance is met. He or she verifies all financial information, applications, files, and maintains proper documentation to ensure all grants and loans contain pertinent information to secure tax based disbursements.  The assistant is frontline with all grant/loan applicants to assist and ensure that paperwork and documentation is complete and accurate.

The Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all BLEDC owned properties.  In order to keep our Beautification Project sites and other properties looking presentable and in compliance with city code, it is the Maintenance Supervisor's main focus to ensure trash and debris is not allowed to build up in any of the project sites as well as other BLEDC properties.   Another primary focus is minor maintenance issues at any business currently renting or leasing space from the BLEDC.  This includes the 1st Plaza Shopping Center and our office structure and warehouse.  They are responsible for maintaining a checklist of inventory and maintenance problems and issues.  They are responsible for overseeing contractors and jobs that require extensive duties or specialized training.