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Living is Great in Big Lake

In February 2021, Texas was challenged with a historic weather phenomenon.  On Valentine's Day, the entire state was placed under a Winter Storm Warning which has never been recorded in history.  

As we witnessed a rapid drop to negative degree temperature during this event, and yet while much of the other areas endured power outages, rolling blackouts and other life threatening events, Big Lake endured the winter storm with very little electrical outages and other disruptions to our services and utilities.  Immediately upon anyone making it known that they didn't have any type of service or utilities, social media exploded with offerings of food, shelter, water, and any other service needed.  Businesses continued to operate to their best abilities and workers continued non-stop to keep Big Lake going with very minimal interruptions.  Big Lake came together to prove LIVING IS GREAT IN BIG LAKE.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, the Big Lake Economic Development and the  Big Lake Chamber of Commerce offered a free lunch to workers in and around our city and county to show our gratitude and pride in our great community.


National Weather Service

Approximately 9 - 12" of snow fell in a 3 day period

The unprecedented event left a blanket of snow on everything

February 15, 2021

Lissa Cammack and Mary (MJ) Roach cooked and prepared approximately 145# of meat for the event

Lissa Cammack shreds meat to help prepare for sandwiches

Mary (MJ) Roach proudly displays one of the pork roasts that helped serve the workers of our community

Volunteers for HOMETOWN PROUD

L-R = Kayla Neatherlin, Sheri Benson, Tiffany DeLaRosa, Lissa Cammack, MJ Roach, and Cindy Mitchell (not pictured)

Cindy Mitchell jumps in to start making sandwiches

Approximately 400 plates which included BBQ sandwich, chips, pickles, bbq sauce, cookies and a bottle of water were served.

March 4, 2021 edition of The Big Lake Wildcat featured Jimmy Barton (BLEDC Director) and Loretta Epperson (BLCOC Director) serving citizens plates