Cleaning up Big Lake

BLEDC now hosts a bi-annual clean up campaign where citizens have the opportunity to discard junk and debris free of charge and make a difference in Big Lake. The initial event rid Big Lake of approximately 20 tons of junk, old appliances, and other debris, and many yards, alleyways and empty lots around the city were cleaned and beautified. The event was so successful to our goal that we decided to make it reoccurring in the Spring and Fall of each year. Volunteers, City of Big Lake Personnel and BLEDC Staff organize and commit to the challenge of hauling the trash and debris as well as assisting the elderly and less able citizens rid their yards and areas of junk.

WE NEED YOU to make a difference!! Please help grow the pride in our town!! We can all make a BIG difference, a LITTLE at a time!!!

2020 - Fall Junk Haul

November 14, 2020

The first event was a very successful clean up initiative that rid many tons of junk, old appliances, discarded furniture, and other debris. Many yards, alleyways and empty lots around the city were cleaned and beautified with the help of volunteers, City of Big Lake personnel and EDC staff.

Volunteers include Jake and Kelly Ferguson and Larry and Nina Hallmark. City personnel were Mayor Phil Pool, City Administrator Sheri Benson, Josh Row, Karen Arnie, Ashley Rangel, Mario Botello, Justin Chavez, Tyler Doege, George Barrera and others. BLEDC Administrative Assistant Kayla Neatherlin kept things moving as well.

Volunteers were invaluable!!

Several tons of debris were cleared from our alleys, vacant lots, and yards!!

Another trailer load of "junk"

Hauling away the "Junk"

Friends helping Friends - Neighbors helping Neighbors

City Crew brought the "Big Guns"!!

A lot of work but a lot of fun!

2021 - Spring Clean & Fling

April 22 - 24, 2021

In conjunction with Earth Day, the BLEDC hosted another City Wide Clean-up allowing free dumping on April 22 & 23, and junk pick up as well on April 24, 2021. 20+ tons of junk and debris was removed from alleyways, vacant lots, yards, and the streets of Big Lake.

We would like to thank ALL of the volunteers that made this event so successful. Just another way of proving we're HOMETOWN PROUD and why LIVING IS GREAT IN BIG LAKE!

Volunteers and workers included:

City crew - Sheri Benson (City Administrator), Leo, Tyler Doege, Maria, Felipe, George Barrera, Josh Row, Justin Chavez, Elijah Reyes, Ysmeal Villareal, Alfonso Ybarra, and others; Lissa Cammack and Cindy O'Bryan (Big Lake City Council), Kim Sexton (BLEDC Board President), Miranda Davidson (BLEDC Board Secretary/Treasurer), Sylvia Campos, Haley Rich, Aaron Gunnels, Elder Murdock, Elder Hargraves, Desiree Romero, Loretta Epperson (Director, BL Chamber of Commerce), Kayla Neatherlin (BLEDC Assist. Director), Jimmy Barton (BLEDC Exec. Director), and all of the citizens of Big Lake that brought debris and garbage to be disposed of. THANK YOU Everyone!!

More than 24 volunteers and workers showed up to help! #AWESOME

Members of the Big Lake City Council as well as BLEDC Board Members volunteered their time!!

City workers made sure everything was done right!!

More than 20 tons of debris and garbage were removed from alleyways, vacant lots, private property and the streets of Big Lake