Holiday spirit

In 2021, colorful ornaments were added to project sites to bring additional spirit during the holiday season.  A bright pop of color of red, blue, green and gold is scattered throughout Big Lake, adding to the already beautiful beds and sculpture sites.  The ornaments are made of fiberglass and recognize the project site as a participant in the BLEDC Beautification Partnership.  

The ornaments are normally placed at the sites sometime during the first week of December and remain visible through the holiday season before they are taken down sometime in January of the following year.

Pumpkins bring in fall

With the overwhelming positive feedback and response from the addition of the ornaments, the Beautification Committee approached the BLEDC Board of Directors and requested funding to add a new seasonal display each year to the existing and new Beautification Partners.  The Board agreed that the displays were a great promotion of our city and funded the project for 2022.  Giant fiberglass pumpkins were added to the project sites that year and will continue to be placed at the sites each year to bring in the fall season and add beauty to the project sites throughout Big Lake from mid-October to the end of November.

Spring Butterflies add color

After long and thoughtful consideration, it was determined that butterflies were the best representation to bring color, grace, and beauty to the project sites that were already ablaze with color and life during the spring and summer season.  A local vendor, W5 Metal Designs, LLC., was approached with an idea and within a matter of days, presented a prototype of colorful metal butterflies in various stages of flight.  The design was unanimously approved by both the committee as well as the Board of Directors and in late Spring 2023, the green, pink, blue, yellow, and orange butterflies took flight and graced the project sites along HWY 67 and throughout Big Lake.