If you are familiar with the BLEDC process and are aware of what type of assistance you are requesting, please click on the link below corresponding to the type of assistance you need.  Please print the application and complete all information and return to the BLEDC for consideration.

If you are not familiar with the BLEDC Grant/Loan Program, or unsure what type of assistance you may need, please complete the "Assistance Request" form below and we will contact you for more information and will assist you in the application process.

The goal of the BLEDC is to promote the economy of Big Lake, Texas, by providing all types of assistance to both existing and new businesses.  We are here to help you overcome burdens and obstacles you may face in business development.

Please review the Grant/Loan process for important information.

The Big Lake Economic Development Corporation (BLEDC) uses the 1/2 cent sales tax funds for it's operational budget. The Board of Directors oversee and allocates all revenues. This funding allows the BLEDC the opportunity to offer economic incentives to businesses that wish to enhance or improve our community's economic atmosphere and to enhance or improve the quality of life for all of the citizens of Big Lake, Texas.

Because the 1/2 cent sales tax is a use of public funds, the State of Texas' Open Meeting and Public Information laws must be observed. This means that meetings are open to the public (unless Executive {closed} Sessions are allowed by law). It also means that all information provided by and pertaining to your business must be subject to the Public Information Act, thus: Any business's financial and/or proprietary information will be treated with confidence by the BLEDC to the extent that is possible under the law.  Please ask for details if you have any questions regarding the Public Information Act. All information will be retained for a length of time as required by law.

The BLEDC Board of Directors has the complete jurisdiction in all grants. Grants of more that $10,000 must also be approved or denied by the City Council of Big Lake, Texas. This decision will be final in all cases.

The appropriate percentage of each individual grant shall be determined and set by the BLEDC Board of Directors at the time the commitment is issued. A risk and benefit evaluation of each application will be considered. Grants totaling more that $20,000 will require an agreement by the business to provide jobs for a minimum of (5) years and will be outlined by the Performance Agreement Contract and its' terms. Grants totaling $10,000 or less will require an agreement by the business to provide jobs for a minimum of (2) years as outlined by the Performance Agreement Contract and its' terms.

Every application will be reviewed on a case-by-case. A Performance Agreement Contract provides the legally binding terms. Grant funds may be paid in phases or increments, for projects having a significantly long time-line.

Only one (1) Advertising & Promotion grant per business; the definition of what constitutes the same business will be determined at the discretion of the BLEDC Board of Directors. Each business that is awarded funding may only be given one (1) contract, either Performance Grant or Advertising & Promotion Grant at a time. Before reapplying for another grant, the terms of the original grant and FULL COMPLIANCE with all reporting requirements must be met. In the case of an Advertising & Promotion Grant, a twenty-four (24) month period must have passed.

IMPORTANT: Any application submitted without proper and appropriate documents will not be considered and there will be no exceptions.

The amount of funds awarded/approved or denied may be affected by your business plan. The BLEDC strongly urges you to create your own well thought and well-designed business plan. Furthermore, the BLEDC may require you to seek assistance from your nearest local Small Business Development Center. If you have any questions or need further information, you are urged to contact the BLEDC staff for assistance.

In order for your application to be considered by the BLEDC Board of Directors, and to schedule a presentation by you and/or your representatives, the completed application and all required documentation must be received by the Executive Director no later than 12:00 noon on the last Friday before the meeting.

The process generally takes 90 days or more from presentation to disbursement.


Typical scenario for timeline: 

1. You make the formal request by completing and returning a grant application;

2. Next regularly scheduled board meeting:

3. Next following regularly scheduled board meeting:

4. If approved amount is equal to or greater than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), Executive Director will submit a Resolution to be read at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting;

5. Next regularly scheduled City Council meeting:

6. Any awarded monies can be disbursed after this and 60 days public notice date and subject to terms and agreements as set forth by the Big Lake EDC Board of Directors.