Glenrest Memorial Park

In 2023, Reagan County Commissioner's agreed to dedicate the small island of land that leads to the entrance of Glenrest Cemetery as a memorial park.  As the main entrance from Hwy 137, many visitors, commuters, and others passing through Big Lake, see this property either daily or as one of the first images coming into Big Lake from the south.  The Big Lake EDC staff and board of directors and the Beautification Committee were not satisfied with this image as a representation of our city, nor was it honor worthy to loved ones laid to rest in our beautiful cemetery.  They wanted to help change it and make it a beautiful entrance, park and memorial site for loved ones as well as a tribute site for military personnel serving or who have served in each branch of service.   

The BLEDC Board of Directors tasked the Beautification Committee with designing the park that would allow for a well lit place for people to reflect, meditate, remember and honor their loved ones and pay homage to our US Military service men and women.  In mid 2023, the design was presented and accepted but due to the size, project and costs associated with the design, it was determined that additional financial assistance would be needed.


Please buy a brick for every loved one, family member and/or friend that has passed away and leave a lasting legacy with their name and dates of life.  Buy a brick to honor someone that is currently serving or who has served in a branch of the U.S. military.  Buy a brick to leave your own words of wisdom, legacy, or family name for generations to come.  Buy a brick and help us build this memorial park as a community.  


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Credit Card Orders Only

If you wish to use a credit card, please use the web address or scan the bar code and order online.  We are unable to process credit card payments locally so this is the only way that we offer the opportunity for those that wish to utilize that payment option.  

We apologize for the inconvenience but want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be able to order bricks to honor and support their loved ones utilizing whatever means is convenient to them.

All other payment methods, such as cash or check, can be made locally through the Big Lake EDC office or by contacting any member of the Beautification Committee.