Big Lake Market Place

3rd. Saturday of each month. 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Big lake market place

Rules and Regulations

When: 3rd. Saturday of each month

Where: Corner lot at 1st Street & Plaza Ave, Big Lake, Texas

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Products: Must be handmade, homegrown or handcrafted

Market Manager(s): Jimmy Barton or Kayla Neatherlin


Texas farmers, ranchers, bakers, and/or artisans who grow or process agricultural products or artisan goods. All vendors must submit a Market Vendor Application listing items to be sold and agreeing to these rules and regulations. All vendors must be registered with BLEDC or representative by the Thursday immediately preceding the Saturday of the Market Place. If any vendor has not registered by this date, that vendor may not be allowed to sell on Saturday.

Vendors are responsible for and must abide by all applicable federal, state and local health regulations and must adhere to federal and state guidelines on all labels.

Sales tax must be collected as required by Texas law and it is the responsibility of each vendor to know if they have items which require them to obtain a tax number, to be familiar with which items are taxable, and to collect such taxes and forward them to the Secretary of State when due.

All food items must either be prepared under the provisions of the Texas Cottage Food Law or have proper licensing and facilities as required by Texas law. Copies of all necessary licenses and permits must be available at the vendor’s booth at all times for inspection by authorized personnel. This includes an Itinerant (Peddler’s) Permit if required by the City of Big Lake, Texas.

Each vendor is responsible for their products. This includes samples or promotions. Sampling must follow state guidelines. Big Lake Marketplace is not liable for any violation in regulations.

Artisanal merchandise: Only handmade crafts will be allowed. Such items may include, but are not limited to wreaths, dried or artificial flower arrangements, pressed flowers, handcrafted furniture, handbags, quilts, jewelry, signs, wall-hangings, etc. Repurposed furniture may be sold provided there is a significant change from the original product. The product must meet basic expectations of product function and safety.

Raw agricultural products: Only products grown or produced by the vendor or their immediate family, including, but not limited to, fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, grains, flowers, trees, and bedding plants.

Value-added agricultural products: Raw agricultural products that have been processed, licensed, inspected or otherwise regulated by the federal government of state of Texas. These products include, but are not limited to, cottage food goods, honey, syrup, vinegars, jellies, soaps, etc.

Prepared food: Only handmade/homemade food items will be allowed and must be prepared under the provisions of the Texas Cottage Food Law or have proper licensing and facilities as required by Texas and local laws. It is vendor’s responsibility to ensure all laws and requirements are adhered to.

Informational booths: To further the educational purposes of the market and help promote tourism in our city, county and surrounding areas, local nonprofit and volunteer groups are encouraged to participate at the market. However, a Vendor Application must be completed and submitted with same requirements as other vendors. If booth remains informational only, with no purchasable merchandise, the vendor fee will be waived for the booth.

Products that MAY NOT BE SOLD:

- Flea market items

- Resale items (items or produce purchased elsewhere to be re-sold to the public) – excluding established retail businesses

- Garage sale items

- Any items that you did not grow or make

Market Manager may deny duplicate items at his/her discretion. This will avoid several vendors selling identical products. Allowance will be on a first come – first served basis.

Market Manager or his/her agent has final say on approval of products or merchandise.

Weights and Measures:

Applicable products shall be sold at a standard weight or measure. Produce may be sold by the pound, otherwise, all products shall be sold by the piece, pint, quart, gallon, pack or other generally accepted U.S. measure of quantity.


All vendors shall conduct themselves in a professional manner while at the market. The following will not be acceptable nor tolerated:

- No radio, TV, CD or DVD players unless prior approval by Market Manager and must be kept at a normal and non-invasive noise level;

- No panhandling;

- No illegal activities;

- No arguing with customers;

- No rude or discourteous conduct to customers, other vendors or Market Place Personnel;

- No profanity;

- Noise and conversations must remain at a normal level that is not interruptive to customers or other vendors;

- Vendors must clean their area before leaving for the day and all refuge must be disposed of properly;

- Absolutely NO vendor or customer owned motor operated vehicles will be allowed in the Marketplace area and must be removed immediately after set up and no later than 8:30 am, and may not enter for take down until after 3:30 pm on day of sale. All-inclusive Food/Vendor trucks will not be allowed to enter or leave the premises during this time. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Only the Market Manger or his/her agent will be allowed to utilize a golf cart inside the booth area during market times. Emergency Vehicles will be allowed for emergency purposes.


The Big Lake Economic Development Corporation (BLEDC) oversees operations of the Big Lake Marketplace. Any board member, staff, or Market Manager has authority to enforce these rules and regulations. Anyone who refuses to follow these rules and regulations will be asked to leave the premises. One or more violation may cause banning any vendor or their representative(s) from future admittance to Big Lake Marketplace. Market Manager may change or modify any rule at their discretion or judgement at any time with proper thought for the benefit of the Big Lake Marketplace, vendors and/or customers.


A $25.00 vendor booth fee will be collected by the Market Manger or his/her agent on the date of the sale. The money collected will go towards marketing, upkeep, funding future events, and general operations of the market place. The City of Big Lake has waived the City’s Itinerant Fee (Peddler’s Permit) for the duration of the 1st six (6) months of the Market Place; however, each Vendor MUST obtain the Peddler’s Permit from City Hall prior to receiving a booth space.

Booth space:

Each booth space will contain at least an approximate 12’ X 12’ sales area. All vendors requiring additional space must purchase additional booths. Market Place Manager(s) will assign booth space on a first come – first served basis. Vendors are welcome to use canopy type coverings for their respective sales area and, if used, must be anchored on all four corners. Vendors are allowed to use the immediate 5’ behind their booth space for a storage and seating area. No electricity or water hookups are available to this area. Vendors are welcome to utilize generators but they must be contained within the vendor’s allotted space. All cords and utility cables must remain out of the general customer walking areas and should be kept in a manner as to minimize tripping hazards in vendor booths.